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Give your voice a BOOST and be heard!

Aug 11, 2020

The Aging Voice

  A Daily Tool Our voice is something we use every single day. It is an essential tool, we talk about things as ...

Dec 8, 2017

Being Heard - Even With a Sore Throat

It’s that time of year – the time when the cold and flu come practically knocking on your door, begging to ruin your ...

Nov 17, 2017

How to Stay Mobile and Heard During Your Turkey Trot Race

With Turkey Day just around the corner, contestants are getting ready to not only burn enough calories to deem second...

Sep 5, 2017

Save Your Voice This School Year!

As quickly as summer came, it is now gone and the new school year is upon us. If you’re a teacher, you know how much...

Jul 28, 2015

VoiceBooster Helps Teacher Avoid Surgery

Barbara Campbell has been teaching school for 39 years. She is a Primary Grade Technology teacher in Frankfort, Illin...

Jun 24, 2015

VoiceBooster To Teacher's Rescue

Michele Geoghegan has been a teacher for 22 years. She currently teaches Kindergarten at Longbranch Elementary School...

Jan 26, 2015

Substitute Teacher Job Apps

As a certified teacher who desires to stay within the classroom, but who can’t withstand the daily demands of full-t...

Jan 14, 2015

Dallas Children's Health Parade

Dallas Parade For the past 27 years, the Dallas Children’s Health Parade has been marching down the streets of Dall...

Dec 31, 2014

All Aboard!!

Christmas and Trains mean The Polar Express at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. Last year I w...

Dec 16, 2014

35 Christmas’ with Ebenezer Scrooge!

“Christmas. Bah, Humbug!” The unmistakable sentiment of that most memorable of Charles Dickens’ characters, Ebenezer ...

Nov 17, 2014

Voice amplifier- VoiceBooster's Many Locations

Depending on your occupation, sometimes it’s necessary to speak up and be heard. Our VoiceBooster voice amplifiers ar...
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