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Give your voice a BOOST and be heard!

Being Heard - Even With a Sore Throat

It’s that time of year – the time when the cold and flu come practically knocking on your door, begging to ruin your week and make you miserable. And although you can try and load up on Airborne and Vitamin C, sometimes, there’s just no getting away from the common cold. If you are a teacher, public speaker, or professional that always has to use their voice, that dreaded common cold can suddenly feel a lot worse – especially if you lose your voice. You’re everyday job depends on you being able to speak.

The Sore Throat Is Here, Now What?

Once the sore throat hits, now you have to tough it out and start doing those things that will help you get better. Cough drops, hot tea, rest, and using your voice as little as possible will all help you get over your sore throat, but they don’t necessarily always help in the moment when you’re needing to talk and instruct. By using a voice amplification aid, you are able to use your voice at a much lower volume and still be heard by everyone without aggravating it too much more. Now, the amplifier isn’t a cure-all to that sore, scratchy throat, but it can definitely save you the headache of having to raise your voice or repeat yourself so your students or coworkers can hear you.

How Can VoiceBooster Help?

There are many different voice amplification aids out there. Some schools and venues have them built right in, others are speakers and microphones that get set up ahead of time for the speaker. If the built in systems have a malfunction or stop working, the last thing you want to do, especially if you’re a teacher, is having to bring in equipment and carry around a microphone in order for your students to hear you. The same for public speakers and others professionals. Michele Geoghegan, a teacher in Union, Kentucky, started to experience swollen vocal cords and a scratchy throat and would lose her voice frequently while trying to teach. She started searching for personal voice amps and found VoiceBooster. She said:

“It was my saving grace! I could talk softly and still be heard. I found when I used it my voice would last through the week. When I didn’t use it, I lost my voice by Wednesday.”

VoiceBooster also eliminates the need for heavy, inconvenient products by using a small, personal amplifier that can be taken with you just about anywhere. It is lightweight and can be attached to your belt without you hardly noticing that it’s there. All you have to do is put it on your belt or hang it around your neck, place the mic around your head, turn it on and voila! Not even laryngitis can get you down!

So if you are teacher, public speaker, or just someone who has to use their voice constantly for work and can’t afford to lose their voice due to a sore throat or cold, check out how VoiceBoost personal amplifiers can help you this winter.


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