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Give your voice a BOOST and be heard!

How to Stay Mobile and Heard During Your Turkey Trot Race

With Turkey Day just around the corner, contestants are getting ready to not only burn enough calories to deem seconds and even thirds as okay, but to also beat their last years

time. If you are helping run your city’s local Turkey Trot then you know just how important it is to be able to alert everyone in the crowd of their times and keep racers informed throughout the race. And even though your spouse may consider you loud enough to wake the neighbors, you’re going to need more than a loud pitch to address runners at this year’s Turkey Day extravaganza.

Race Director Using VoiceBooster

Mobility was important for Race Director Kevin McFadyen when he was looking for a megaphone for the Hero Run, a charity event he founded in Provo Utah. He got even more when he came across VoiceBooster by TK products, “I liked it because it not only amplified my voice while I was moving around, but it also allowed me to keep both of my hands free and available for the hundred other things that came up while supervising the event and the racers.”

Adrian Crane, CEO of Gold Rush Adventure Racing expressed the same kind of accolades for VoiceBooster when he used it for Gold Rush Mother Lode Adventure Race which is a World Series Qualifier that takes place every year in the Sierra Mountains of California. Both McFadyen and Crane used the VoiceBooster AK-38 to give them maximum volume for their outdoor events.

The VoiceBooster Amplifier can make any race directors’ day a lot more enjoyable and will even save them from having laryngitis the next day— even though the thought of being speechless on Black Friday may be beneficial. Not only is the VoiceBooster Amplifier a great way for the runners and crowds to hear you shout out times, runners names, and make announcements, but because it is lightweight and battery operated, you won’t have to worry about being hooked up to any wiring or dealing with a heavy mic. Whether you prefer to wear the VoiceBooster Amplifier around your neck or fasten it to your belt, you can carry it with you throughout the race or even— if you’re feeling really daring— wear it to run alongside runners and cheer them on.

Turkey Trots are all about enjoying a morning run with friends, family, and neighbors all before you sit down and enjoy a week’s worth of calories in just one sitting. Let us make your Turkey Trot go off without a hitch and make sure you (and the crowd) don’t miss a word.

You can order a VoiceBooster Amplifier for your race today!

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