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The Aging Voice


A Daily Tool

Our voice is something we use every single day. It is an essential tool, we talk about things as simple as our day to things as important as our health. We may use our voice to make beautiful music or to tell exciting stories. Whatever we use our voice for, it’s importance affects our lives. Like a pencil, we use our voice daily, but without keeping it sharp it becomes a little messy and difficult to understand. Keeping our voices in good condition takes work, but it is important to recognize that it’s normal to experience a weaker voice with aging. Unlike a pencil though, there are many ways we can keep our voice sharp. Below just four of the many great ways you can limit the effects of an aging voice and keep your voice sharp.

1. Use your voice often

Using your voice often is a simple way to keep it strong and healthy. Some think of the “Use it or Lose it” rule when it comes to speaking. Doing things such as telling stories, singing, and participating in normal conversation daily keeps your voice strong. Joining a choir can help you learn new ways to project and limit the pitch changes in your voice. While using your voice be sure not to strain it by speaking or singing too loudly and be sure to rest it when you are sick.’s “5 ways to not sound old”

2. Understand Your Voice

Many elderly experience more than the average effects of an aging voice, common symptoms include: a weaker voice, clearing the throat often, and hoarseness while speaking. If you are worried your symptoms are caused by more than aging, it is important to speak to your doctor. Conditions such as Dysarthria, Laryngitis, Presbyphonia and others can cause more changes in your voice. While there are many things you can do to protect your voice on your own it is important to get a professional opinion when symptoms become more serious. Talk to your doctor and see what he recommends to best fit the needs of your voice.

ParentGiving.comn “Understanding Voice Disorders in Seniors”

3. Practice Good Vocal Hygiene

Your voice can be affected by several factors inside and outside including what you eat and drink. Something as simple as drinking water and eating foods with high water content more often will help your voice stay moist and flexible. Foods such as watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, soup, and salad, along with drinks such as water and tea. All of these have a higher water content making them better for your voice.

Another factor to consider is what you inhale. Some things such as smoking will damage your vocal cords and lungs, while using a humidifier when needed, will help keep your voice stay moist and healthy. “5 Steps Keeping Aging Voice Healthy”

4. Protect and Assist Your Voice

While there are many things you can do to limit the effects of an aging voice, there are also devices which can do some work for you. One of the great options available to those struggling to be heard and wanting to spare their voice from yelling is a personal voice amplifier. These devices improve your ability to be heard and understood by others while sparing you the effort and strain of talking loudly and damaging your voice.

VoiceBooster by TK Products LLC is an excellent personal voice amplifier. The affordable VoiceBooster comes in different models and is compact and light, yet powerful enough to fill a room and more. VoiceBooster/ TK Products is headquartered in the United States with full service and customer support. You can read customer reviews and testimonials at “Suggestions and Information About Speech Changes”

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