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About Us

In 2009, the owner, joined a volunteer costuming group which participates in fundraising money for charities by having its members dress up in costumes and participate in charitable activities.  While building his costume, it was apparent that he needed a voice amplifier to be able to effectively communicate with other people at the events.  He researched the existing voice amplifier products that were currently available. None of them met the standards that he was trying to reach.  He decided to research many models to discover a product that had an ideal price, an excellent level of quality, and great sound clarity.  He found it within the Aker voice amplifiers.  He began using the voice amplifier and selling to friends within the costuming group, but as time continued he discovered that these products were effective and useful to many people in multiple professions and areas of public speaking.

Today, TK Products continues to help our customers find the best value, quality, and new products which are available today.  As time has passed, we have discovered the importance and benefits of an outstanding level of customer service.  We attempt to help all customers to be very pleased and proud of the products that they have purchased and the customer service that they have received.  We encourage our customers to provide their opinions and concerns about their shopping experience so that we can continue to improve and provide the best customer service to our customers.

TK Products LLC is owned and operates in the State of Texas. We are the only authorized Aker Dealer in North America. Which mean that when you purchase through us you will actually be able to receive warranty and customer support on the Aker products. We have capabilities to make all repairs and we carry a full line of replacement parts and accessories.

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