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Give your voice a BOOST and be heard!

VoiceBooster Low Profile Light-Weight Single Ear-Hook Omnidirectional Microphone


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Low profile and easy to wear. Skin color so that it blends in. Made for use with all VoiceBooster/Aker Voice Amplifiers, Works with other brands.

  • Model: VoiceBooster Single Ear-Hook Headset Microphone 
  • Color: Beige (Skin tone)
  • Cable Length: 46 inches (3 ft 10 inches)
  • Weight: 0.4 ounces
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 53 dBV/A +- 3 dB


  • Headset Style Microphone but hangs on only one ear. Omnidirectional.
  • Made for use with all VoiceBooster/Aker Voice Amplifiers, Works with other brands.
  • Clip on wire allows the cable to be attached to a shirt collar to prevent the microphone from being pulled off the ear.
  • Adjustable boom/tip and adjustable ear hook.
  • 3.5mm connection with 46 inch cord.
  • Highly Directional Control Feedback 

For use with all Aker Voice amplifiers including: MR1508, MR1506, MR1505, MR2200, MR2100, MR1700, MRAK38, MRAK28, MR2800, MR2700, MR100, MR2601, MR160

Possible Uses: Costumes, Props, Electronic sound effects, MP3 player, Teachers, Professors, Ministers, Coaches, Tour guides, and Presentations.

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The VoiceBooster brand is owned by TK Products, LLC. Each VoiceBooster product comes with a 6 month parts and Labor Warranty that is serviced by TK Products, LLC. The VoiceBooster must be purchased through TK Products or one of it's authorized dealers for Warranty Claims to be honored. Buy with confidence! Shipping costs incurred are not included.

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