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Give your voice a BOOST and be heard!

VoiceBooster To Teacher's Rescue

Michele Geoghegan has been a teacher for 22 years. She currently teaches Kindergarten at Longbranch Elementary School in Union, Kentucky. What she loves most about teaching is “watching kids light up when they connect with what you are teaching them and you can see them relating it to their own experience and proven knowledge.”

About 2 ½ years ago Michele started having voice issues. When she was teaching her voice would start to sound gravely and then she would start to lose her voice when she would talk a lot. She started losing her voice on a weekly basis. Trying to speak louder would only hurt her voice more and make it worse. The doctors diagnosed her with swollen vocal cords.

One day a colleague of hers came to make a presentation to her class as part of child abuse prevention program. She was able to speak to the children in a very soft voice and was still able to be heard. She was using a personal voice amplifier that gave her voice the volume it needed to be heard. Michele learned that her friend had had surgery on her vocal cords and that the program she worked for provided the amplifier so she could continue teaching. Michele thought this could be the answer for her. She searched online and found VoiceBooster. This personal voice amplifier was reasonably priced and it looked like a good value.

“It was my saving grace! I could talk softly and still be heard. I found when I used it my voice would last through the week. When I didn’t use it, I lost my voice by Wednesday.”

Michele now uses her VoiceBooster consistently. She wears it every day. She says that one of the great benefits of using VoiceBooster is that her students stay engaged. They focus in on the crisp clear sound and that it really makes her voice rise above the other classroom sounds.

There was a time when other teachers at school thought she was constantly getting sick. She wasn’t. She just had vocal cord problems. Now they can really see the difference. Michele has recommended VoiceBooster to a number of teachers. In fact recently she did a presentation on the benefits of VoiceBooster at EdCampNKY. She shared her experience with interested teachers and told them “If you are having these issues and need to save your voice OR get and keep students attention, the Voice Booster is a great solution.”

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